Wodapalooza 2013 Teaser

Miami Fitness TV visited crossfit athletes from home and around the world at Wodapalooza 2013. Approximately 500 athletes converged in downtown Miami to see who was the fittest, swiftest, strongest. In the complete episode we’ll learn more about crossfit in Miami, and what is fueling this insatiable thirst for strength among those in the crossfit community.

Wodapalooza 2013

We were only able to cover the first day of the event but we learned a lot about the passion behind crossfit. You’ll hear it from the athletes and judges. If you haven’t chosen how you’ll get fit in 2013 and you like a challenge, this might be it. If you already live crossfit, see what its like from someone else’s point of view. Check out the full webisode on Crossfit in Miami and Wodapalooza 2013 coming in March.

Visit http://www.wodapaloozamiami.com

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